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RHONY Recap: Bethenny Frankel Battles Ramona Singer Over "Stolen" Dress at Sonja Morgan's Fashion Show

Le 28 août 2015, 09:08 dans Humeurs 0

After Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley returned from their trip to London to retrieve Carole’s husband's ashes, they wasted no time getting back in the swing of things with the rest of the Real Housewives of New York City. Carole met up with Heather Thomson for a drink and got the scoop on Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl party, which, in sum, was that Ramona Singer was underwhelmed by the selection of men and is terrible at being single.

Meanwhile, Sonja Morgan had been hard at work (or so she says) launching her fashion lifestyle brand, and enlisted the help of Bethenny and Heather Thomson in preparing to show her collection at New York Fashion Week. The only problem? When the ladies arrived at the rented conference room, they learned that Sonja didn't actually have any clothes ready to show them.

"You don't show the collection in bits and pieces," Sonja reasoned. "You do a fashion show, which we're doing, and you wow people when it's ready."

Model Meeting

Instead of discussing the actual collection, Sonja made use of Heather and Bethenny as model scouts. "I just don't understand the idea or even what she's looking for," Heather confessed to the camera later. "We're just seeing models!"

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Bethenny and Heather were pretty taken aback when the first model walked in — and Sonja dismissed her as too thin with a flick of her wrist. "You shouldn't say that in front of the girls," Heather offered, which seemed to get under Sonja's skin. 

"Heather, I did take offense to your comment, I took offense to your comment that I'm insulting the models because I'm the one who chose them," she snapped, prompting Heather to say Sonja did not have to take her help if she didn't want it. (In a rare occurrence, Bethenny actually stayed pretty much out of the fray.) "I love your help, I just felt that was insult."

Ultimately, the meeting ended when Heather asked what other brands Sonja and her team saw their collection "hanging with" in department stores, and they said something to the effect of … they have no idea. Uh-oh.

Cipriani Me Crazy 

Ramona caught up with Dorinda over a rather civilized lunch and told a story that implied that Ramona was dating the owner of New York hot spot Cipriani. Dorinda responded by turning the conversation to something ever-so-slightly more meaningful — how her trip with Carole to London gave her closure with her husband's death.

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"When Richard died, I went into a cocoon and I wanted everything very simple, very quiet," she began. "And then when I met John, when I wasn't focusing on Hannah, I was focusing on him." Ramona took the opportunity to ask Dorinda if John called her much while she was on the other side of the pond, and she happily reported that he did —which prompted Ramona to say (again) that she thinks John is very "insecure." (ICYMI, Ramona is not a fan of Dorinda's boyfriend, John.)

"I adore him," Dorinda reiterated. "I love him." Then it was back to Ramona and her pending divorce from Mario.

"Mario was a very good father and husband for many years, but at this point we're on different paths and they are never going to come together again," Ramona said, confirming that she and her ex were, in fact, done. Dorinda praised her decision, arguing that Ramona wasn't done being part of the scene just yet. (Dorinda's not wrong.)

A Passion for Fashion

Kristen Taekman was pretty pleased with herself for landing a co-branding partnership for Pop of Color with Elie Tahari during New York Fashion Week. Carole and Heather dropped by to show their support — but it was only a quick drive-by because all three of them had to jet to Sonja's first runway show.

"At this point, I'm running on adrenaline and fear," Sonja revealed backstage before the show. "We don't have the seating done," she lamented upon realizing many of the seat cards were missing. "I need to know when there's problems because I am the problem-solver!" she declared to a gang of deer-in-headlights-looking interns.

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LuAnn de Lesseps, Dorinda, Ramona, and Bethenny were also on hand to cheer Sonja. The first things they all noticed, however, were Sonja's breasts, which were hanging out. "Nipple alert!" Dorinda cheered to the camera later. "Nipple alert!"

Ramona then commented to Bethenny that they were wearing dresses with similar hemlines that night, reminding the Skinnygirl creator of the dresses that she claims Ramona stole from her months back.

"You have two of my dresses hanging in your closet from your last Smash and Grab job, so yes, the odds of us wearing a similar-length dress are pretty good," Bethenny quipped to the camera. (In Bethenny's defense, she called Ramona out to her face as well. When Ramona announced she was having a “new beginnings" themed party, Bethenny said she thought it should be called “old habits." Burn.)

Runway or Bust

With three minutes to go before the start of the show, Sonja was backstage shouting something to the effect of, "This is not f---ing happening!" In other words, she wasn't too pleased with what she saw.

Finally, though, despite the odds, the show began — and it got rave reviews from her friends.

"The line coming down is beautiful," Heather mused, while LuAnn called the collection "very Ivana Trump." Carole quipped, "Wow, I'm speechless. The empress has clothes — really nice clothes!"

But when the show took a brief pause so the models could get into their second looks (something Heather noted should be happening seamlessly during the show, rather than requiring a break), all hell broke loose — at least, between Bethenny and Ramona.

Dressgate Lives

Bethenny took the opportunity to confront Ramona about saying that she had cheated on her first husband. "I said when Bethenny was first married, her relationship wasn't going well with her husband, so she had an affair," Ramona clarified, as if that were somehow better. Bethenny noted that she had been asked many questions about Ramona's marriage and had kept her mouth shut.

"I'm not perfect. Slit my wrists," Ramona snapped. "Crucify me." But Bethenny wasn't letting her off the hook so fast.

"No, that's not going to work anymore. You doing things and the next day saying you're sorry."

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Ramona tried to deflect and move on once again. "You are who you are. I am who I am. Let's not throw stones at glass houses, Bethenny," she said. Bethenny replied by bringing up the two dresses she claims the True Faith creator stole from her. 

"Your assistant gave me the freaking dress!" Ramona shouted.

"No she didn't," Bethenny replied.

"Then you gave me a dress which I still have and you can have it. I don't want the dress! I don't want the dress!" Ramona said. "Then I called because I couldn't find the dress because I have a lot of clothes and I said, 'Let me pay for the dress.'" She added that she had emailed Bethenny's office in an attempt to pay for the missing dress.

"Show me the email," Bethenny said before turning to LuAnn (who was seated on her other side) and announcing, "I will not be going to a new beginnings party."

LuAnn didn't really respond, but was saved by the fashion show when the models reappeared. "Hallelujah! It's the second look," LuAnn cheered, not only because the show was starting up again but also (probably) because it saved her from getting sucked into that dress mess.

"I'm really proud of myself," Sonja beamed to the camera later. Next week hopefully we'll find out whether Ramona was able to produce that mysterious email.

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Can You Wear Neon Makeup In The Fall Or Are Bright Colors Only For Summer?

Le 21 août 2015, 03:28 dans Humeurs 0

The worst part about summer ending isn't just having to say goodbye to the long days of breezy dresses and short shorts, it's also having to put away our bright lipsticks and nail colors. But wait—can you wear neon makeup in the fall? Like wearing white after labor day and pairing brown with black, the idea that you can't wear bright colors in autumn is pretty much bogus, if you ask me. Your makeup can look gorgeous and fall/winter appropriate with these tricks for wearing neon colors in the fall.


While the summer time neon shades reflect days spent poolside with fruity cocktails, electric blues and oranges are beautifully bold for the fall, too. Neon shades can be the bright and vibrant boost your style (and soul) needs during dark days of fall.


While any skin complexion and style personality can (and should!) wear neon colors, your best bet for nailing the style is choosing one neon product per look. If you have neon nails, you might want to skip the neon lips. Neon colors are meant for the spotlight, and there can only be one shade of neon for a truly show-stopping look.


Then again, if you fancy yourself a makeup pro, feel free to mix it up and use a neon eyeliner with a neon lip. Just remember your color wheel, folks—a blue eyeliner looks great with an orange lip.


Before choosing a neon shade, keep in mind your skin tone and eye color. Purples and fuchsia colors look great on blue eyes, while olive and dark skin tones can rock the loudest orange lip MAC makes. If you're of a fairer skin tone, stay far away from yellows that can make you look more sallow.


Here are a few more tips for wearing big colors this fall.



1. For Eyes

I love a neon liner or eyeshadow used as a liner. It serves as a great pop of color, and stands out in a good way. Just remember to keep the eye neutral, with soft cool brown eyeshadow that doesn't compete.


2. For Lips

Darker tones can go wilder with their lipstick. But if you're fair-skinned (or a little hesitant to dive into neon) then you can swipe a lipstick with your finger and then dab the color onto your lips for a sheer finish.


If you're ready to go bold, dark skin looks great in orange and no one rocks a blue-toned fuchsia or wild neon purple like fair skin tones.


3. For Nails

I love neon orange for the fall because it's the most transitional shade of the neon family. It works well in any season—especially when the leaves are turning and pumpkins are everywhere.

Alex Jones embraces summer in vibrant orange dress and neon yellow heels... as temperatures plummet on set of daily show

Le 12 août 2015, 08:39 dans Humeurs 0

The temperatures may well have plummeted on Friday afternoon but Alex Jones was clearly in the mood to embrace summer as she prepared to shoot The One Show in London.

Opting for a rich orange dress and neon yellow heels the bubbly Welsh presenter caught the eye while filming a playful exterior scene for the popular daily show.

A cropped leather jacket gave the look an edgy flourish as Alex, 38, chatted with members of the production team before looking over her script. 



The brunette kept her locks effortlessly maintained with a simple side parting, while her make-up was selected from a natural colour palette. 



Alex later filmed a scene with iconic stuntman Eval Knieval's motorbike as onlookers watched from the sidelines. 

It has been several months since Alex announced her engagement to fiancé Charlie Thompson, but recently admitted that she and her fiancé haven't set a date yet.



'We haven't set a date, I don't know if it's a thing? Is that what you do when you get engaged?' the Welsh presenter said during an appearance on ITV1's Lorraine.

Lorraine then reassured her: 'I think people sort of expect you [to get married] at some point, maybe in a year or two I guess.'

Alex said: 'We're very relaxed, I mean disorganised really. So mum is pushing. 



'She said, "You know we could do this by the end of the year if you and Charlie get a move on."'

'But we haven't looked at anywhere but it would be nice to do it within the next few months. 

She added: '(The wedding will) be just with our close friends and family and a day when everybody can have a bit of a laugh.'


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